Countdown for Knowledge, Innovation and Business in Agriculture

Welcome to Krishi 2014

Krishi – International Agriculture Trade Fair & Conference is being organized since 1998 in the Mecca of agriculture – Nashik. Over a period it has proved to be a platform of congregation of the tilling hands and brilliant minds from the industry, who work together towards a more sustainable and successful agriculture, vis-a vis for the exhibitors from different parts of the country and abroad to meet the potential farmers and dealers from more than 7 states. With every passing year, the event sets a new benchmark for itself to match the reputation it has made so far. The event based on the foundation of The KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATION & BUSINESS has its forthcoming exhibition in 2014 that is as customary going to be an international extravaganza offering ample opportunities in business, networking and knowledge sharing and technical up gradation. The huge response and positive feedback from more than 2 lakh farmers and 300 exhibitors over the years, has enforced us to make it an annual event unlike a biannual event as it used to be.

The industry that feeds us all, is the industry worth taking care of. The wide array of customized programs for the farmers ensures directing the scope and opportunities to the farmers and agri entrepreneurs to fully exploit the chance to exposure, knowledge, networking and business through a single window event- Krishi.

Concurrent Events

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